Bicycling on Åland

Wheter you are a beginner or advanced cyclist, you'll find routes that fits you on Åland

Take the opportunity to experience the nature up close

Written by Lina Abrahamsson 

With its fairly short distances on the main island, good connections to and from the archipelago and grandiose views along the way, Åland is ideal for bicycling. 

Short Routes
If you’re not a very routined cyclist and only want to do day trips not too far from Mariehamn, there are some good spots to choose from. If you still want to get a touch of the sea and archipelago, you should steer south towards Nåtö and Järsö. Here you will have the sea on both sides of the road and while you’ve reached Järsö you might step by Stickstugan for a well deserved break. Read mor about Stickstugan in this post

Lemströms kanal is another good route around 15 km outside of Mariehamn towards Lemland. It takes around 20-30 minutes to get there from the city center. It’s a canal where many boats passes in the summer, and the bridge that crosses it opens once an hour. Here you can sit on the lawn and wave to the boats passing by, or have an ice cream in the sun. But the best way to enjoy this place is to pack a basket full of delicious food and have a splendid picnic! 

Longer routes
For the more advanced cyclists it is a good route to take a trip to the Kastelholm castle, and on the way step by the café ”Uffe på Berget” which is a café just outside Godby. This café is located on a height and offers a stunning view of the waters below. If you’re in for a even longer route than just the Kastelholm castle, you should continue to the Bomarsund ruins, and you might even take the cable ferry over to Vårdö, the municipality at the utmost north-east of the main island. From here you can take the ferries out to the north of the archipelago with islands such as Kumlinge, Enklinge, Brändö, Lappo and Torsholma. 

 If you want to stay on the main island, going the other way to the north-west towards Geta may be just as good an option for you. On the way you might feel like stepping by Stallhagen for a refreshing drink or a piece of food. This local brewery is found only a few kilometers after you’ve passed Godby. Or you might save yourself until you reach Grannas, the apple farm who newly opened a bistro as well. When you soon reach Geta you’ll see even more apple trees and now you have the choice of whether you should visit the fancy hotel Havsvidden, the restaurant Soltuna with fantastic views or if you want to stay a night or two in the rental cottages in Dånö. Whichever you choose, the beauty of nature Geta and the North Sea has to offer will take your breath away!

Renting a bike 

If you need to rent a bike there are a few options for you. The sports and bicycle repair shop City Sport & Cykel in the center of Mariehamn has rental bikes, helmets and other equipment you might need while away. Ro-No rent also have rental bikes.