The classic Åland attractions

Written by Lina Abrahamsson 

The museum ship Pommern is one of the most visited attractions among tourists. It’s a highly well-maintained bark with four masts that was used for voyages to Australia and back. To step on board the ship is an interactive experience for the visitors, as they get to explore all the different rooms and areas of the ship, such as the loading area, captain’s cabinet and the galley to name a few. When you buy a ticket to visit the museum ship, you also get to visit the shipping and maritime museum right behind Pommern. 

Kastelholm is the only medieval fort on Åland. During the time Åland was under Swedish domination, both Gustav Vasa and other kings paid their visit to the fort. Today much of it is in ruins, but some parts are still persevered and guided tours are held every summer. In connection to the fort there is also an open-air museum called Jan Karlsgården which shows what the typical life might have looked like in the late 1800’s, as well as the prison museum Vita Björn. On the other side of the bay you’ll find a golf club with two 18 hole courses and of course, stunning views! 

The Bomarsund fortress was built by the Russians during the beginning of the 19th century. This was meant as an important outstation towards west. It was once the largest man-made constructions on the island but it was destroyed in 1854 when the British and French army attacked the fortress. Today visitors can walk around the ruins in a scenic environment, maybe bring a picnic basket and spend a quiet afternoon around the historic area.


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