The classic Åland attractions

Do you want suggestions on what to see when you're here? These are the most classic attractions on the island! Read more

Local delicacies

Åland is rich in local foods and drinks. Here's a list of the ones you probably won't miss when you're here! Read more

Bicycling on Åland

With its fairly short distances on the main island, good connections to and from the archipelago and grandiose views along the way, Åland is ideal for bicycling. Read more

Happenings throughout the year

The Ålanders are active people, and a lot of different activities and happenings take place during the year. Read more

Åland’s Hidden Gems

Do you want to explore some of the best places and cafés Åland has to offer? Then keep on reading. Here are a few tips on where to go if you want to experience the authentic and less known gemstones on the island. Read more

What makes Åland unique?

Åland truly has a unique position like no other place in the world, but what exactly are the reasons behind it, other than the fact that these islands have the most sun hours in the entire Baltic Sea? Read more